A downloadable Demo for Windows and macOS

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A Downloadable demo of a pseudo 2D space shooter. Controller highly recommended
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Tool up:

Customise your ship's primary and secondary weapons, as well as your utility slot to fit your preference - So long as you have the tech.

Power up:

Charge up your ship's secondary weapon and release powerful blasts - but use this wisely, it draws energy from your primary weapon.


Use your ship's  scanner systems to search asteroid fields.


Strafe, boost, warp, dodge and fire to defend allies and re-take facilities.

Glad to have you aboard pilot. Signing on with the NX12 Mining Corp should be relaxing for a merc like you. A few asteroids to clear for the supply ships, the odd escort job for the traders - we haven't had any real pirate trouble for a good while now.

We've upgraded your ship with a Novonium reactor core, and our ship load out services are at your disposal, if you've got the blueprints, we can print and fit just about anything for you.

Passing docking clamp control over to your G.E.N.I.E class on board AI system, you can launch when ready Pilot.

Best enjoyed using a controller.

Supports many controller types. Fully remappable controls.

Xbox Controller:

Primary Fire: Right trigger
Secondary fire: Left trigger
Ship Movement: Left stick
Aim: Right stick
Select: A button
Utility: Y button
Warp to base: X button

Primary fire: Left mouse button
Secondary fire: Right mouse button
Ship Movement: WASD
Aim: Mouse
Select: Space bar
Utility: Left shift
Warp to base: Left control

Minimum Requirements:

CPU: Intel i5 or equivalent
Ram: 4GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon 6630 or equivalent
Hard Disk: 140 MB


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Novonium_Setup.exe 139 MB
Novonium.zip 175 MB


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Played this the other night ... retro art/gameplay with call backs to my Gradius-playing youth ... loved it :D

Hey there! Fabulous game here! Finished the first boss and story is amazing! Hope to see more coming up! Kudos!

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for making a video. It's always nice to see how people play. Good luck with your channel.